Thursday, April 10, 2014

HandMade: The Crochet Starbucks Top.

Here is my latest project from, "What's On My Hook", which I stated I was creating  a crochet graphics top and here it is! My little obsession with coffee has inspired this crochet creation and design which I created. Definitely a creation purely for fun and wanting to experimenting with more arduous designs (which this project was entirely) but hey it was worth it!

On another fun note: If you are a fan of Starbucks, what's your favorite drink to order? Mine is a Caramel Mocha (Frappe) with soy milk, no whip, extra caramel and extra mocha syrup! Super yum!

Note: I Will be creating a pattern for the majority of my handmade projects including this one!  
The Yarn I used: White &  Forest Green//Red Heart Super Saver Bundle Yarn   The Hook I used: J/10-6.00MM
The Pattern I used: Experimental: My Own!

//ashlee elle.


  1. Wow! You are talented!
    Caramel machiatto extra hot, unless I am having a long work day, then I'll get a pikes place with a shot of espresso and a little bit of milk!

  2. You should send a picture of this to Starbucks. Seriously, this is awesome and so much work!