Tuesday, May 20, 2014

DIY: How To Crochet A Traveling Hook Pouch.

Hello there, I hope you had a lovely Tuesday! This DIY, was inspired by "on the run need" to create a little crochet traveling case when I am working on a project. Rather than carrying around my crochet hook case, that usually stays at home. I thought creating a smaller version to set in my purse, that won't take up much space, so that I use the hooks that I need for that specific project.
Ingredients: Left to Right.
>> Crochet hook/F5-3.75MM
>> Two rolls of twine (you can keep the color the same or you can use two diverse ones!) of 10 yards each. (I purchased these specific ones in Target, in the dollar section!)
>> Scissors
>> Yarn sewing needle

Crochet Abbreviations:  
SC= single crochet

HDC= half double crochet
SS= slip stitch
CH= chain 

TO= turn over 
STS = stitches

Left to Right:
>> CH 14 connect the last ST to the very first ST
We will work in rounds.
>> Row 1: HDC or SC in all of the STS
Note: Using the less than half an inch of the twine, you will sew the bottom of the pouch.
Continue HDC or SC from Row 1 to Row 11, or to the very end of the twine.
You will connect the next color, (if you choose) to continue on from Row 11 to Row 22.
Once completed, you will cut a bit of string to utilize as a draw string for the pouch.
Have fun crocheting!
ashlee elle.

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