Tuesday, June 10, 2014

DIY: The Crochet Dip Dyed Tote.

Hello there! Here is an experimental project I have been wanting to try for quite awhile now and finally I've put it to the test. I've always wanted to dye yarn, in a dip dye form and it was quite simple and very fun!
>> 2 skeins of yarn (sugar and cream) (white cotton) Make sure your yarn is cotton, the dye shows up better!
>> Scissors
>> G/6  4.25MM Crochet Hook
>> Fabric dye
>>Needle and thread
>> Two singles of cotton fabric (Fat quarter 18in x 21in)
>> (not shown) Yarn needle

Crochet Abbreviations:  
SC= single crochet
HDC= half double crochet

DC= double crochet
SS= slip stitch
CH= chain   
TO= turn over
ST(S) = stitch(es)

Step One:
CH 24
1st Row: HDC the entire Row Turn
2nd Row: SC the entire Row Turn
Continue this process until Row 34
With the finished section. 
SS around the entire piece.
You will repeat this process (Step one) for the other half of the tote.
Step Two:
With following the dye instructions on the packet.
Combining the ingredients and so forth.
With one section at a time, you will dip just the half into the dye.
Following the instructions for once the dye has been applied, you will set it out to dry.
(I left mine out in the sun to dry.)
Once the pieces are entirely dry.
Taking the fabric pieces, measuring the circumference of your halves, sew the fabric around the pieces.
Here is a link for a tutorial on lining a bag!

Next, you will sew, using yarn, both of the halves together, the sides and the bottom, where the dye is, leaving the opening..open!
The Straps:
HDC the entire Row until Row 70
SS around the entire strap.
Attach the straps to the opening (on both sides) to the bag, by using the yarn sewing needle.
Can't wait to dye some more yarn!
ashlee elle.

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