Tuesday, June 24, 2014

HandMade: The Candied Crochet Strapless Dress.

I must say I have been going crazy wanting to use this yarn and I have finally put it to use! Though the design was not my initial plan, I'm still in love with the concept. Plus, there is always time to create the other idea and figure out what I needed to do differently. It's all trial and error.

This strapless crochet dress is majorly comfortable and feels entirely light, especially in this heavy Texas heat. It most definitely passed that test! I fought the idea of adding straps to this dress, perceiving that the other design I had in mind was going to have that detail. I decided to pass on that notion, I felt it didn't suit the mood of the dress. I am quite happy with how it come about!
Project Details:
The yarn I used was Red Heart Boutique Candied Yarn.
The hook I used was a G/6 4.25MM.
The Crochet Candied Strapless Dress pattern is entirely experimental, made from my own pattern.

I am off to work on some more projects, hope yours is going quite well too!
ashlee elle.

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  1. Hey, do you’ve any of these strapless dresses? Hahaha, I’ve and I never forget to use Bye Bra breast stickers for that very tight breasts. What are your experiences with strapless bras?