Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DIY: The Independence Crochet Headband.

The 4th of July is swiftly approaching this week and I thought I'd make this headband donning the colors of this country! The band is long enough to tie in a knot, bow or simply let it loose! You can wear it multiple ways of your choice which is always an awesome thing!
The Ingredients:
>> Scissors
>> Crochet Hook (G/6-4.25MM)
>> Sugar and Cream (red/white/blue mix)

Crochet Abbreviations:  
SC= single crochet
HDC= half double crochet  

DC= double crochet
SS= slip stitch
CH= chain   
TO= turn over
ST(S) = stitch(es) 

Start a CH of 3
Row 1: HDC the entire Row and TO
Continue HDC for Row 2 until Row 28

For Row 29: HDC two times into the first ST
HDC once in the middle (second) ST
For the 3rd ST HDC two times into it

For Row 30 to Row 40: DC into each Row
Once you hit Row 41: Reduce the STS back down to 3 STS
Row 41-69: HDC each Row 
SS, cut the remaining string and sew in the edges!
Have fun creating!
ashlee elle.

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