Tuesday, July 15, 2014

DIY: Crochet Sunflower Headband + Ponytail Holder.

When it is summer time, I immediately think of sunflowers which happen to be my absolute favorite flower. So this idea was a bit past due! It's a fun accessory that can be style in numerous eclectic ways. There are two different versions, the sunflower headband as well as the sunflower ponytail holder.
The Ingredients:
>> Scissors
>> Crochet hook (G/6-4.25MM)
>> 2 Skeins of yarn (I used Red Heart, Mustard yellow and Dark Brown)

>> Yarn sewing needle
>> Pony tail holder

Crochet Abbreviations: 
HDC= half double crochet 
SS= slip stitch
CH= chain  
ST(S) = stitch(es)  

*Note: For the headband and ponytail are the same pattern except for the last photo!
From top left to right:
With the dark brown yarn to create the base of the flower.
CH 3
Connect the last ST to the very first ST with a SS
HDC into the middle of the connected CH 5 times
Connect the last ST to the the beginning one
HDC two times in each ST around the circle.
SS and cut the yarn to sew in.
From top left to right:
With the mustard yellow yarn to create the petals.
Connect the yarn with a SS.
CH 5
HDC into every 5 STS
SS into the following ST
CH 5
HDC into every 5 STS
SS into the following ST
Repeat this method around until you reach the beginning of the round.
For the headband, depending on the circumference of your crown. Chain as many that will fit around comfortably and connect the first ST to the very last ST. 
Once the headband chain is complete, you will sew the middle of the chain to the back of the finished sunflower.
*Now for the sunflower pony tail holder, you will sew the holder to the back of the sunflower.
Hope you enjoyed the sunflowers! Have fun crafting!
ashlee elle.

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