Monday, July 14, 2014

The Crochet Life: Back To It + Crochet Crown.

Hello there! I have returned from a small staycation where I rested it a bit and allowed my hands a bit of time off. It's always good thing to do for yourself. I must say, it was quite a relaxing moment and very, very necessary one as well! Though I will be moving in a few weeks, but I am more than entirely excited and ready to create crochet handmade home goods for my place!

Also, I have been wanting to create a crochet crown for quite awhile now and I've finally got to it! I found a video tutorial [found here] which will create the crown that I am wearing. It's entirely whimsical and I couldn't help, but feel the fantasy element of donning such an item. Hope you make one too!

Truly, I would also like to thank Kelboune Woolens Blog, for featuring my crochet work on their website, such warm kind hearted words, entirely made my day and I truly appreciate the mention!
Here's to the beginning of the week, hope you have a lovely one!
ashlee elle.