Tuesday, September 16, 2014

DIY: How To Crochet A Chain Purse.

Hello there! Happy Tuesday to you! This crochet purse was entirely inspired by the chilly season to come. There is something quite lovely about a yarn entwined purse, especially crocheted with thick wool yarn. Oh, it's quite a dream! I know this is just the start of the many crochet purse designs that are floating about my mind that I simply cannot wait to share!
36IN Links silver plated 10x12mm
Sewing yarn needle
Crochet hook H/8-5.00MM
Yarn of your choice (I chose Loops & Thread, Country Loom/Color Wizard)

2 Key Rings (Not shown
7in 18 cm polyester zipper (Not Shown)
Yarn and sewing needle (Not Shown)
CH= chain  
HDC= half double crochet  
SS= slip stitch 
ST(S)= stitch(es)
Part 1
CH 19
Turn and into the first ST and HDC the entire Row 1,
Turn and continue HDC the next Row (Row 2) until you reach Row 11.
Once completed.
Knot, and cut off remaining yarn to sew into the STS.

You will repeat Part 1,
Once more so that you will have two halves.

(Note: I did not apply a lining, though the next one I create, I will most likely utilize that process.
 If you choose to here are a few links that can assist you!
Link #1
Link #2

Once both of the halves have been completed.
Using the zipper, you will align the zipper and begin sewing both pieces to the zipper.
Here is a tutorial that could help you in this process!
Link #1

Once completing the zipper,
You will sew the sides of the purse as well as the very bottom (where the zipper is not present), using the yarn sewing needle and a bit of yarn. Make sure it is quite secure.

Next, I made yarn tassles for the sides of the bags, just for a little something something.
I cut, half an inch of yarn, about 8 times for both sides.
Folded them over, cut off another half an inch of yarn to wrap around the bent set and tied them. Once creating the tassles, I sewed them onto the sides of the purse, using the yarn sewing needle and a bit of yarn.
Here is a link for a tutorial on how to make yarn tassles!
Link #1
For the straps, I took a little bit over 36 inches of yarn,cut it, threaded the yarn into the yarn sewing needle and thread it through the chain. I knotted the yarn at the very end of the chain for security.
Next, I took the end of the chains and attached them both to two separate rings.

On the side of the purse, to attach the strap and the rings. 
CH 8, knot leave a few centimeters out and cut off. You will attach the single chain to both sides of the purse, first you want to ensure the chain and ring is in between the single chain (like the photo above on the right.)
You will attach it by sewing it from the outside, securing the yarn in the inside of the purse.
Have fun crafting!
ashlee elle.

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