Thursday, October 9, 2014

HandMade: The Lost At Sea Crochet Dress.

 This crochet dress was kind of a breeze to make and I am quite elated on how it came out! With much practice I'm getting these designs down! My main objective was to create focus on the neckline, little details go a long way. The dress was made in mind for layering, that is entirely what Autumn is all about to me and to the designs I have drawn up. The dress is super comfortable and very light actually, so with a blouse underneath or even leggings, I am good to go!

I am quite excited to share this pattern, it's fairly easy and hopefully, (I'm a bit behind oops) and maybe even a post on how to create your own crochet dress. Which could be quite interesting to share!

Project Details:
The yarn I used was Red Heart Yarn (Turquoise)
The hook I used was a H8-5.00MM
The Lost At Sea Crochet Dress pattern is entirely experimental, made from my own pattern! Planning to place the pattern for purchase on my Pattern Shoppe!

Happy Crafting!
ashlee elle.

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