Monday, October 6, 2014

Yarn Shop Trip: Twisted Yarns Shop.

Finally! I have visited one of the many lovely yarn shops here in Texas and this was my first stop. Twisted Yarns, here in the heart of Texas. I must say, it was quite magical in the store, to be entirely surrounded by luxurious handmade yarn, I was a bit shell shocked. Didn't know where my eyes should start!
I started row by row, each yarn filled aisle, touching almost every bit of yarn, entirely mesmerized by the feel and quality of each unique piece. I just wanted to purchase every single item and not even think twice about it, but I carefully hit the sale section and found myself two pretty gems. I'm not entirely sure what I will create with them, so for now, they lie in my inspiration section until that golden light hits my mind.

Most likely, I will be setting foot back into this wondrous place, probably around my birthday in two weeks or so, to casually gift myself with a handful of these treats or so. Defintely excited to revisit this gem, oh it's  one shop down, a beautiful bundle more to go!
Much love!
ashlee elle.

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