Thursday, January 8, 2015

HandMade: The Crochet Mossy Dress.

Hello there! Happy Thursday to you! This is one of the new projects I have been working on for the new year, trying to branch out and try yarn that I usually wouldn't pick up. Challenging myself to walk in and find something new was entirely a thrilling experience, to design and formulate an item I was truly proud of. Entirely a process I recommend if you want to try something new, awesome way to get inspired!

Thankfully, I knew exactly what I wanted to make with yarn upon seeing it! I was lucky this time around. The pattern is fairly easy, just replicating the front and back pieces and the dress is entirely meant to be worn with a slip. The yarn is quite light, it isn't too heavy, but has definitely kept me warm with layering during the chilly days. I went back and forth on how I wanted to make the neckline, either a turtleneck or a cowl neck (to be honest I really do not like wearing turtlenecks) so I obviously attempted a cowl neckline.

I am planning to place the pattern on my ETSY quite soon. I actually have a lot of patterns in queue to be placed on there, I just need a full day to load them all up! That is one of my crochet goals for the New Year, to get Everything made on the blog available to make as your own! 
xo, ashlee elle.

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