Tuesday, February 10, 2015

DIY: How To Crochet A Heart Scarf// Free Patern!

Hello there! Happy Tuesday to you! This super easy crochet pattern is brought to you by all things hearts! Valentines Day is swiftly approaching and I entirely wanted to make something in the lane of love. Even if you don't truly celebrate that day, this scarf is just a super cute way to add a bit of fun to your outfit!

This free crochet project is still maintaining my goal to entirely utilize my scrap yarn bin and recycle the yarn I have just a little bit of. So this project is entirely under one skein for both bits of yarn. 

Oh and my crochet skirt, worn in the photographs, is available in pattern and made to order on my Dream Crochet Shoppe!

Crochet Hook>> H8-5.00MM
Scrap Yarn used>>1 Skein of (red) and 1 Skein (grey)
 of Red Heart Super Saver

Stitch guide
SC= single crochet

HDC= half double crochet
SS= slip stitch
ST(S)= Stitch(es)
CH= chain 

To start the crochet scarf, using your grey yarn.
Step 1
CH 20
*Row 1: HDC the entire Row, Turn
Row 2: DC the entire Row, Turn,
(*Note: You will be alternating between HDC and DC until you reach Row 50.)
Row 51: SC the entire last Row, SS, cut yarn off to weave in the end.

*Note: I used this pattern to create the hearts, I modified it a bit when it came to the finishing technique.

To create 2 hearts, using your red yarn
Step 1
CH 7
Skip the first ST
Row 2-3: SC in the 6th STS, turn, CH 1
Row 4: SC into the first 3 STS only, turn CH 1
Row 5-6: SC in the 3 STS
Once completing the last row, SC around the entire heart.
When you hit the "dip" where the middle of the heart is, SS instead of SC.
Once you hit the bottom of the heart, SC two times into the ST.

*Once you hit the beginning of the heart.
You will begin HDC around the heart at the corners of the heart, HDC two times in the same ST, in the dip, SS instead of HDC and at the bottom of the heart. HDC two times into the same ST again.
When you are at the beginning of the SS, cut off remaining yarn and sew in the edges.

After completing the hearts, thread your red yarn into your yarn sewing needle. You will then sew the hearts unto the bottom of the scarf at both ends.
ashlee elle.

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