Thursday, February 26, 2015

HandMade: The Crochet Timber Sweater Dress.

Hello there! Happy Thursday to you! I've had this sweater dress design in my head for a bit, it was created in my mind where I wanted a lengthy sweater dress to wear with leggings. I played around a bit with the technique and stitches I wanted to utilize throughout this pattern. Meaning I wanted a bit of "breath-ability" and warmth all at the same time, simply because I didn't want the dress to be too hot and uncomfortable.

What I love about this sweater dress, is being able to layer it and stay super comfy while still keeping the style factor the forefront. I can just throw a faux leather motorcycle jacket over it and a pair of boots and I'm out the door! My main objective when creating any piece that I want to ensure that is absolutely comfortable and entirely practical for everyday wear.

The Crochet Timber Sweater Dress Pattern Available Here

ashlee elle.

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