Tuesday, March 24, 2015

DIY: How To Crochet A Woven Headband// Free Pattern!

 Hello there and Happy Tuesday! Using the yarn from my scrap bin, I decided to whip up this crochet woven headband, perfect for the Spring times!

Crochet Hook>> H/8-5.00MM

Scrap Yarn used>>Less than 1 Skein of Teal (Lion Brand Yarn)

Stitch guide
SC= single crochet     
SS= slip stitch
ST(S)= stitch(es)
CH= chain

CH 8
R1-R11: SC in all of the STS, for all of the Rows, turn work after every Row. SS at the end of R11.
After the crochet piece is complete.
SC around the entire crocheted piece.
Insert hook unto the side of the piece, 8 STS across.
Insert hook and CH 60 (or to desired length)
You will repeat this method, for All 8 STS, you will have a total of 8, 60 CH sections.

Tape the piece down to start the woven method.
You will be weaving with 2, 60 CH, at a time.

For Reference:
Outer set from the right [a1]
2nd set from the right [a2]
3rd set from the right [a3]
4th set from the right [a4]

Step 1
With the outer right 2 strands [a1], moving the 2 strands [a1] to the left and weave it underneath over [a2], then go underneath [a3] as well as over set [a4]

Step 2
You will take [a3] to weave it over [a2] as well as set [a1]
Next, you will take set [a2] and weave it under [a3] as well as [a4]

Repeat Step 2 until the very end of the crocheted piece. At the end, knot the ending strands and cut. 

Additional Assistance
Video Tutorial for Reference #1 [here]
Video Tutorial for Reference #2 [here]
Finished woven look.

Sew the woven piece to the beginning crocheted piece (left photo).
Next, you will fold the crocheted piece over and sew the crocheted piece together.
ashlee elle.

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