Tuesday, April 28, 2015

DIY: The Crochet Drawstring Skirt// Free Pattern!

Hello there! This project was actually inspired by an older project I created when I first started this blog. So I thought I would bring it back to life with a new improved twist!

Crochet Hook>> H/8-5.00MM  & G/6-4.25MM
Craft Scissors Yarn Sewing Needle
Yarn used>>1 Skein Each of Cream/Hot Pink (Caron Simply Soft Yarn) Medium 4

Measurements of Top:   Length of skirt: 15 inches  
Waist band: 19 inches Width of skirt: 21.5 inches Size Small 
Stitch guide: 
DC= double crochet   
SC= single crochet
SS= slip stitch
ST(S)= stitch(es)
CH= chain R[number]= Row  

Step 1  (left to right)
This first step is to create the band for the waistband. Using the hot pink yarn first and

H/8-5.00MM hook/
CH 93
R1-R8: SC in all of the STS for all of the Rows, turn work when complete after each Row, for the final Row, SS to end the step.

For the finishing technique, SC around the entire finished crocheted piece, SS at the very end to complete the piece.
CH 191 for the Drawstring. 
Step 2 (left to right)
Place the Chain of 191 as the Drawstring, into the finished crocheted piece, lie it inside of the piece, fold the piece horizontally. Now sew around the crocheted piece with the drawstring inside, leaving the opening for where the drawstrings will be.

Once complete, sew the Back of the opening (where the drawstrings are) to secure the band together.
Step 3 (left to right)
Next, to start the bottom of the skirt. Using your G/6-4.25MM hook and the hot pink yarn. 
Note: You will connect the end of the Row, by SS.
R1DC into the first ST, *DC two times into the following ST, DC into the following ST... *Repeat method until the end of the Row.
R2-R12DC into all of the STS, for all of the Rows, at the end of the Row Row 12, SS to complete the skirt.

Now to Switch colors for the skirt.
Using your G/6-4.25MM hook and the cream yarn.
R13-R17DC into all of the STS, for all of the Rows
x ashlee elle.

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