Monday, May 25, 2015

Dream Crochet Summer Giveaway!!

Hello there! I am currently doing my second Dream Crochet Giveaway and I decided to create a Summer Collection of crochet patterns! Also, all of the actual items entirely Ready to Ship, will be placed on my Etsy as well!
The Summer Crochet line is entirely influenced by bright and colorful projects that you can make for yourself or for someone special. These projects are one of a kind, uniquely created to celebrate individuality throughout the Summer time. I wanted to create cute and flexible pieces that get me quite excited for the Summer time, but also hold the potential to be worn and created for any Season as well.
                                                                           Back to the Contest! 
                                                      Visit Dream Crochet Instagram to enter!
So one winner will receive of their personal choice 5 free patterns from the 10 new designs I have crocheted!  Also, after the Contest is complete, I will be placing All of the patterns along with a Special Collection Bundle Pattern Package for All of the patterns in an Online Ebook on my Etsy>> 

From Left To Right
 The Blue Skies Crochet Dress
 The Fuzzy Feelings Crochet Top
 The Secret Garden Crochet Dress
 The Sweet Amour Crochet Skirt
The Ivy Lane Crochet Dress 
From Left To Right

The Boardwalk Crochet Dress

 The Dreams of Lace Crochet Skirt

The Sun Bell Crochet Dress

The  Calm Treasures Crochet Top

The Summer Love Crochet Romper

 Thank you and Good Luck!
x ashlee elle.

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