Tuesday, June 2, 2015

DIY: Crochet Bow Flip Flops! Free Pattern!

Hello there! This design popped into my head and I entirely wanted to try it out! I found these flip flops at the dollar store and the yarn I purchased was only a dollar, so basically this tutorial was basically free!
Crochet Hook>> H/8-5.50MM 
Craft Scissors  
Yarn Sewing Needle

Hot Glue Gun or Super Glue
Yarn used>>1 Skein Hot Pink (Sugar N' Cream) Medium 4
Stitch guide:  
HDC= half double crochet      
SC= single crochet
SS= slip stitch
ST(S)= stitch(es)
CH= chain
R[number]= Row 

Step 1
First, I cut the straps off of the original flip flops. I kept the stopper "plug" that I cut off from the straps.
Step 2
Next, to create the straps. [From left to right photos above(first two photos)]
You will be creating this step twice for both flip flops.
CH 31
HDC the entire Row, into all of the STS.
Once you hit the end of the Row,
CH 31
To HDC into all of the STS for the whole entire Row.
Once complete, SS to complete work

Step 3
Next, to create the straps. [From left to right photos above(last two photos)]
Next, you will insert the middle section of the crochet straps into the top hole of the flip flops.
Turn the flip flops over and hot glue or super glue the straps. I used the plugs cut off from the straps to secure the crochet straps unto the flip flops.
Step 4
This step is to create the bow.
CH 13
R1-R11: SC all of the rows, into all of the STS, at the end of the Row [Row 11] SS to complete work.

Step 5
This step is to set the bow unto the straps.
Scrunch the middle of the completed crocheted piece.
With a strand of yarn, tie it around the middle section of the bow to knot. [The middle photo from above.]
Next,  you will sew the bow unto the crocheted straps utilizing your yarn sewing needle.

ashlee elle.

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