Friday, July 31, 2015

Christmas In July!

Creating handmade gifts is a tradition I have embarked upon for numerous years now and I am very proud of the ability to create an item personalized for those that I cherish. Granted for years and years, I've been a bit behind on completing them way before Christmas Day, but this year, this Summer, I'm starting my Christmas planning ahead of time. No more late night Christmas Eve attempting to finish off that last little handmade project for a loved one. Uh huh those days are gone! 

Recently I have been getting better with my Christmas gift giving as well as planning, though each year I do still find myself waiting to the last moment (I kind of love the excitement) to complete the gifts I create for loved ones. Though this year, in the Summer time, no more scurrying will be had! 

 To assist with the process, I have been making list, deciding who I am creating gifts for, how many and what specifically I will be hand making for each individual. Along with that process, comes the material required for each project. What are they currently into, what do they truly want for Christmas. (I have a long list of requests already!) Organizing each individual into sections, proceeding through that goal minded list, one by one. I'm sure I'll be set even before the Christmas season begins! 

Having Christmas in July, in the lovely hot Summer time, with planning ahead for handmade gifts and discovering handmade gifts from Etsy or from creators like Patience Brewster's handmade ornaments. I believe will create a successful Holiday Season to come! 

ashlee elle.

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