Thursday, July 30, 2015

HandMade: The River Light Crochet Dress.

Hello there! Hope you're having a lovely week! I love the concept of tier clothing and I love the challenge of creating a piece that holds that design. This dress was the lucky one chosen to create to retain those exciting attributes. This dress has been created utilizing basic crochet techniques & stitches to construct something that has an edge to the challenge portion. The dress is very light, the yarn that was used was a perfect match for this design and movement of the dress is truly one of my key moments. It's entirely a project I plan on recreating, maybe even adding an additional tier to the mix!

Pattern Details:
The yarn I used:  The yarn I used: Jumbo Bernat Baby Soft Yarn in Pink/White [ 2 Skeins]
The hook I used:I/9-5.50MM

Get The River Light Crochet Dress Pattern at:

ashlee elle.

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