Thursday, July 2, 2015

HandMade/Shoppe Update: The Summer Set Crochet Skirt!

Hello there! Hope you're having a lovely week! My favorite part of this design is the opportunity to mix and match patterns. I love being able to create an item that suits a style I adore very much which is a total fun clash of personality. This pattern is a fun and easy project to create and can be worn for various events throughout the Summer time! With a simple and basic crochet technique this look can be created to suit your style!

Pattern Details:
The yarn I used:  The yarn I used: Impeccable Lion Brand Yarn [1 Skeins of Each Color Small/Medium) (2 Skeins of Each Color for Large)
The hook I used:H/8-5.00MM

Get The Summer Set Crochet Skirt Pattern at:
ashlee elle.

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