Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dream Crochet Fall Crochet Pattern Giveaway!!

Hello there! I am currently doing my third Dream Crochet Giveaway and I truly wanted to create a Fall Collection of crochet patterns featuring items that I truly truly love and they are all quite Autumn inspired for it is my absolute favorite season! Also, all of the actual items entirely Ready to Ship, will be placed on my Etsy as well!
The Fall Crochet line is entirely influenced by such a strong adoration for the Autumn shades and the cozy l projects that you can make for yourself or for someone special. These projects are one of a kind, uniquely created to celebrate individuality throughout the Fall season. I wanted to create not solely warm cute pieces, but also pieces that hold the potential and the functionality to be worn and created for any Season and time as well.
                                                                           Back to the Contest! 
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So one winner will receive of their personal choice 4 FREE CROCHET patterns from the 10 new designs I have crocheted!  Also, after the Contest is complete, I will be placing All of the patterns along with a Special Collection Bundle Pattern Package for All of the patterns in an Online Ebook on my Etsy>>


The Riverdell Crochet Cape Pattern
Handmade crochet cape detailed with a wooden button with an open arm slit.

The Applestand Crochet Dress Pattern
Handmade crochet dress detailed with bows lined down the middle, short-sleeved.

The Falling Leaves Crochet Skirt Pattern
Handmade multi-colored sweater skirt with an elastic band for personalized fit.

The Trilogy Crochet Dress Pattern
Handmade crochet dress donning three variations of color, with a matching handmade crochet belt.

The Autumn Cropped Crochet Cardigan Pattern
Handmade crochet cardigan, cropped with a ruffle sleeve.

The Pumpkin Patch Overall Crochet Dress Pattern
Handmade crochet overall dress, detailed with silver metal buckles.

The Oxford Crochet Skirt Pattern
Handmade crochet maxi skirt, donned with two front pockets, detailed with wooden buttons.

The Hallows Crochet Dress Pattern
Handmade multi-colored crochet dress with a high waist.

The Grove Crochet Cardigan Pattern
Handmade crochet cardigan created to emulate a "dress" appearance. Adorned with wooden buttons and a scalloped trim.

The Orchard Crochet Sweater Pattern
Handmade crochet cropped sweater with a detailed sleeved and adorned with wooden buttons.

ashlee elle.

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