Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Elysian Spring 2016 Collection Giveaway!

Hello there! I am currently doing my fifth Dream Crochet Giveaway ever!
All of these designs were constructed, designed, handmade by me with the theme of constructed by various inspiring words.

A bit of a feel of this light themed Spring Collection, (before the Giveaway tonight!) which is titled Elysian: which means beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect.
All of the crochet patterns are created utilizing crochet thread in which created emulates the look of lace. The items can be worn as an overlay, as an easy and lovely touch!

                                                                           Back to the Contest! 
                                                      Visit The Dream Crochet Instagram to enter! So one winner will receive of their personal choice 3 FREE CROCHET patterns from the 8 new designs I have crocheted!  Also, after the Contest is complete, I will be placing All of the patterns along with a Special Collection Bundle Pattern Package for All of the patterns in an Online Ebook on my Etsy>>

The Eudaimonia Crochet Tank
This criss-crossed tank adds a touch of femininity with its lace like flair and breeze approach on a tank.

 The Sophrosyne Crochet Top
 Set with an open lace detail on the shoulders, this crocheted piece has a easy as well as wondrous item to wear for the Spring.

                                         The Euonia Crochet Tank
This halter like piece is has a unique take on the design, allowing the piece to be quite lighter and entirely comfortable.

The Kalon Crochet Tank
This lace inspired tank top utilizing multiple colors, adds a light touch to any outfit. A delicate piece with a shell technique makes this top quite ideal.

The Virago Crochet Dress
This rainbow inspired dress is a lace number that leads itself towards the opportunity to wearing a light design that can be worn throughout the Summertime.

The Quaintrelle Crochet Strapless Dress

This elastic strapless dress, with the faint detail of cascading yarn in the front. Was constructed with the beach in mind! Perfect opportunity to layer whatever you may choose over the item.

TheAeipathy Crochet Skirt & The Querencia Crochet Top
This two piece co-ord. A dainty two piece item that can be worn together or paired with another piece. A light and lace inspired detail that truly is on the mark of comfortability!

The Kairos Crochet Crop Top
This long open sleeved crop top is a design inspired by the Spring breeze. Creating a pattern that allows movement and style all in one.

Ashlee Elle.