Monday, April 4, 2016

Dream Crochet 2016 Spring Yarn Faves.

Hello there! I recently visited one of my favorite local yarn stores, Twisted Yarns, for a bit of yarnspiration for the upcoming Season of Spring and Summer. Loving the absolutely wonderful and overwhelming sight of yarn surrounding me, I immediately decided to  look towards having a theme in order to figure out exactly what yarn I desired to acquire.
Which led to these 5 items which have a connection color wise which started with the colors found within the Noro skein.
The Noro Brand immediately caught my eye due to the admirable colors swirled within the skein. From the marvelous royal purple, intertwined with grey and lilac, with a hint of baby blue, mixing into hot pink. Quite a mesmerizing addition to start the inspiration train. This yarn was created in Japan and it is 100% wool.
Next, this cotton based yarn [64% cotton and 36%] caught my eye and was a motivating selection to connect with the previous skein. The brand is Berroco and this particular skein is titled, Linsey. The texture of the played a major part in the selection, entirely felt the light, but secure feel of the yarn which ultimately led to the purchase!

This pale lavender yarn has made me wish I had purchased more! It is 100% superwash merino wool by Cascade Yarns and from the texture, oh my! So incredibly soft, light and I cannot wait to get my hook into it. This choice was a no brainer, just wish I thought to pick up more of it!
I have been wanting to pick up more lighter based yarns with a weight around 2 and 3. This particular yarn is a light 3, with 50% cotton and 50% bamboo by Bamboo Pop. Yes please to this yarn! The color honestly popped out at me and I was quite drawn to the bright turquoise which is quite perfect for the Summer time.
This next yarn is also from Berroco titled, "Modern Cotton." Which is 60% pima cotton and 40% modal rayon. I love the color of course which isn't too dark for the Spring/Summer time and the texture feels like it would glide flawlessly over my hook. Entirely have a project in store for this yarn which I have a feeling that it will end up in my must have list!
There are so many yarn options out there and I love the notion of embracing all the fiber world has to offer. Especially yarn that has such a beautiful quality as well as story behind it and that means all the difference!

ashlee elle.

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