Tuesday, May 2, 2017

DIY // How To Crochet A Festival Floral Bra. Free Crochet Pattern!

Hello there! I've been inspired by recreating older pieces and utilizing scrap yarn to create something brand new. So with music festivals happening, Summer swiftly approaching, the idea of creating a flower bra was a journey I came across!
Crochet Hook>> H/8-5.00MM   
Craft Scissors    
Yarn Sewing Needle
Hot Glue Gun and Sticks
Yarn used>>Less than half a skein for each (4) colors/ Scrap yarn of Red Heart Super Saver /Medium 4
Thread and Sewing Needle

Stitch guide:    
HDC= half double crochet       
SC= single crochet
SS= slip stitch
ST(S)= stitch(es)
CH= chain 
R[number]= Row 
RND= Round 
Creating the flowers.
Color 1: CH 3
Connect the last ST to the very first ST.
Inside the circle HDC 8 times.
SS, to complete with this color.
Color 2: Insert hook into the beginning of the ST, CH2 and HDC two times into the first ST, then SS into the following ST, **HDC two times into the next ST, then SS into the following ST...[**Repeat method until the end of the round, Final SS to complete the flower. Use your yarn sewing needle to thread the strings in.
I created approximately 28 flowers to cover the bra. Depending on sizing, you might have to create a few more!
Next, using your hot glue gun, apply glue to the back of the flower, placing it however you choose unto the bra. 

*Note: After all the flowers have been set, you will add more glue to the petals to set the flowers on firmly.

ashlee elle.

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