Saturday, March 12, 2011

Project Updates.

 Some recent projects I have been working on.

From Left to Right:
1. Spring is almost here and I simply cannot wait, I am itching to change my closet around to suit the floral invasion it's about to receive!
2. Working on a yellow and white and a bit of teal skirt.
3. Bought a huge bag of ribbon for my dresses and skirts and I want another grab bag already!
4. Some of the fabric I have purchased for my dresses and skirts, I am really fighting the urge to purchase more, let's just say don't be surprised if I do!
5. Zippers for the items that I am making.
6. My glass bottle of pieces of yarn I have cut off from previous projects. I took an Izze bottle (peach is my favorite) washed it out and plan on filling it up with multi-colored yarn pieces, fun decor.
7. Another Spring/Summer beret of different variations of purple, from the Red Heart Stripes line.
8. An experimental project for the Spring, I had a quick idea of it and just immediately started working on it, hopefully it comes out the way I picture it in my mind. If not, I'm sure something else will derive from it!

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