Thursday, May 2, 2013

Inspiration: Crochet Rugs.

Hello there! Besides being truly into crocheting dresses, my eyes are set a bit on some house items that utilize the craft crochet! I have a bit of open space in my room and I have been wanting to find a circle rug that would suit the theme (Parisian) and my style. I was flipping through the pages of Pinterest when I came across a crochet rug and simply shook my head for not thinking of it quite sooner! So I've been looking at some pieces that might be the right fit for me to crochet it up for my space.
From Left to Right: All Items found on Pinterest under "Crochet Rugs."
1// This rug is definitely hand woven and I love the open needlework of the rug  2// I love the detail of this rug, it's a bit more tighter (stitch wise) which I feel as if I might be more drawn to. Perhaps the colors combination for my rug could possibly be black and cream. 3// The lacyness of this dress is super lovely and I love the trim of this rug! 4// The needlework is quite marvelous and inspiring. I would love to make this a huge area rug for a living room in the future!

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