Sunday, July 28, 2013

Along The Way: A Collective Haul.

Hello there! I haven't created a haul in awhile, most likely because I usually pick up things here and there never in a mass amount at one time. That method I choose truly doesn't hurt the wallet too much and it's always nice to have some extra cash, just in case you see that one of a kind item that you cannot help, but want. Perhaps I'll create some feature hauls, for craft stores, yarn hauls and so forth for the future. Missing a few vintage finds, but I think I'll also make a special post for that. So here is a brief collection of items and clothing that I have purchased within the last time I wrote a haul post to now. Been a few months, but here goes! 
Shorts! All of a sudden I have found the courage within myself to brave my legs to the world. I have never been truly into them because I wasn't the hugest fan of my legs, but now I could truly careless. It's Texas, it's hot and I want to try something new and something challenging for my own good! These shorts are from Rue 21 and Target Girls section. 
More shorts! These lacy shorts and the birdy ones are from Shasa and Ross! Both on sale of course!
And my dress collection grows and grows! The body con floral dress on the left is Shasa, a little out of character for me, usually stick to dresses that have a bit of swing to them, but hey, I want to try something different. The lacy teal-ish dress is from Marshall's. I have three dresses in three different styles though this same color, just a tad obsessed are we? Onto the polka dot dress, from Kohls from Lauren Conrad. One of my favorite brands to wear, truly love almost everything they roll out with!
More dresses! I have been looking for a white dress to replace all of the ones I have donated. I came across this dress at Marshall's on clearance and it was perfect. The best part of it was the little skulls, love the mixture of feminine and edgy set together so delicately.
This dress is from Shasa. Fell in love with the sequin peter pan collar and the color of the dress. Best part, it was only ten bucks!
Truly love this goldish silverish glittery flats, I'd love to pair them with an outfit super casual, just to add a bit of a mash up to the mix.
Target. 5 bucks. Studs. Pink. Wedge. A great find seeing that I am not a huge sandal fan, but I mean for this price and with my favorite embellishment featuring studs, quite a perfect match.
Found both of these belts for $1, though the heart belt, my bestie, showed me her super cute heart belt that she had purchased elsewhere and I just so happened to browse through Shasa's clearance section and bam! There it was, all on it's own.  Crazy.
Also, at that Shasa, there was a lot of jewelry so a buck. So I  snatched all of these awesome pieces up! The other loose ones are also a dollar, but from a beauty shop!
One of my favorites!

Headbands! Finally found a cat ear headband and it's in animal print! It's from Shasa. The spike and hello kitty one, they are both from a beauty shop as well.
Some non-clothing pick ups. I collect journals and teapots, teacups and all that jazz. Found this foxy journal at Ross, which is where I find a lot of my journal finds. This tea pot, I found at Goodwill and it's something I will most definitely treasure.


  1. My sister has those same pink wedges! I have silver ones!