Thursday, July 25, 2013

Inspiration: Ready For Fall Projects!

Hello there! As a lover of needlework we all know once the holiday fall/winter season hits, we are preparing handmade goods for the ones we cherish and adore. So the inspiration for this week, is getting a head start at creating those items. Truthfully, so that I am not in a bind, staying up super late perfecting goodies for everyone! Plus, I must admit, it leaves a bit of time so that I can crochet up a few items for myself of course! So these items reflect some personal items that I would love to make for the fall/winter times! Found all on!
Crochet a striped sweater:  I cannot fight wanting a black and white striped sweater, truthfully, a striped anything! Oh, I have to make this sweater! Wait, no, I am going to make this sweater!
Crochet a cape: Oh my word. Yes, I am putting every project, I have on hold and making this right now. Okay, okay, maybe I'll wait a bit, but geez louis this crochet cape is the bee's knees! It's from superstition vintage.
Crochet a jacket: This is a wonderful chunky jacket esque item, I love the idea of it having a hood as well. I can entirely see it in multiple colors as well and adding pockets!
Crochet a dress: I must say this dress is quite inspiring, I love the color of this dress, one of my favorites for the Fall. For sure, dresses will be on the roster for my to create list!


  1. Pictures 1, 2 & 4.......Want Cape for my birthday, Sweater for Christmas and dress....JUST BECAUSE! ;)


    1. Lol sure, I'll get right on those for you!