Sunday, August 25, 2013

Along The Way: A Vacation Haul.

Hello there! Here is my vacation clothes haul from a few weeks back, just now getting around to posting it, but I wanted to share a few finds I found from my trip home. I didn't want to spend too much, just picked up a few items. Plus, I didn't want to pay a huge fee for my baggage, so I kept it to the items I know I could not find here in Texas. (Or didn't want to pay taxes for! No tax fees in Delaware woot!) I also bought a handful of gifts for others, so I did hold back a bit on buying for myself!
Dresses! The first thing I usually gravitate towards are dresses when I am shopping. My collection is growing mighty strong nowadays so I am entirely looking for prints that uniquely catch my eye!
Left>> The cat print dress! From h&m. Gah! There was no thought process, it was too much for me to even take! (I'm being a bit dramatic!) What's truly grand about this dress is that I have seen this print everywhere, but the piece was always a bit out of my league. So it is quite pleasant to find a dress just as cute if not cuter in my price range.
Right>> The skull print dress was also a great find (also at h&m.) I love skull prints so this was a no brainer! No pun intended. ;)
Left>> The pineapple dress! (From h&m, seeing a theme here ;) ) It's more of a body con dress which I normally steer from, not sure why, but I definitely wanted to step outside of my box. Plus, I crocheted a pineapple bag, so perfect perfect!
Right>> Bought this dress from a local store called Rugged Wearhouse in my hometown, which sells clothing some name brand some not, at reasonable prices. This dress was only 5 bucks, but besides the price, the detail on the back of the dress is super cute. An open circle with a bow attached! (See below!)

(Above) Another dress from Rugged, this one was 2 dollars. Granted the zipper is broken, but I can fix it! The detailing on the dress was too darling to pass up. I'm gonna phase it into the Fall season for sure.
(Above) my inner nerd came racing out when I saw this tee of Superman. Found at Rugged for only 4 bucks. Just too awesome to pass up. Might pair it with a skirt or a pair of printed pants!
Bottoms! I am slowly moving into the world of loving pants and shorts once again (yeah right before Summer ends right?) Even though I am such a huge fan of dresses, the item really has to stand out for me to really jump out and want to get it get it. These pieces did just that!
Right>> Pink shorts from Forever 21. I strolled into the store, overwhelmed as usual by the amount of clothing everywhere. Scanned over a handful of pieces until I found these shorts in the sale section. Immediately the color popped out at me as well as the style. Can entirely see it with a printed blouse and casual flats.
Left>> The cat skirt from h&m. That is all. 
Right>> Floral pants from h&m. Super comfortable pants. I really want to get my wear out of them before Summer ends or I'll have to wait it out until Spring!
Left>> Batman! I actually wanted these leggings from h&m, but I passed on them. I'm glad I did because I found a similar pair at Rugged for less than half of the price! 
(Above) The sole pair ;) of shoes that I purchased har har. From Rugged, only 7 bucks! They were to replace my older ones though there were plenty more I wanted to look at, but alas there was no time! Well my wallet is quite thankful for that!

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