Monday, August 26, 2013

What We Wore: Venturing Out!

Hello there! It was Sunday Friend Day yesterday and Cece (look for her post too!) brought me out to a new place she had found near to where she lives and it is quite a wondrous setting for photos!  It was pretty humid yesterday and there was a lot of sporadic rain showers which almost prevented us from shooting, but thankfully the sun came out! There are a lot other parts in this area we entirely want to explore, hopefully quite soon! There a lot of photos to sift through, including a portrait set, but I'll probably set them out for another day and/or for my flickr! Hope it was a lovely Sunday for you too!
my style//
sweater>> target/mossimo
maxi dress>> rue 21
purse>> target
necklace>> rue 21
sunglasses>> rue 21
wedges>> kohls/lc by lauren conrad
rings>> glitter accessories
hat>> marshalls


  1. you 2 look great,very pretty looks and pics :)

  2. Love this mix in bright colors <3 You both look fabulous!

    - Anna

    1. Thank you, loving the bright colors right now! :)