Thursday, August 29, 2013

DIY Video Tutorial: How To Create A Yarn Pom Pom Photo Frame.

Hello there! How much fun are pom poms?! There are so many diverse items as well as projects you can create with just a simple technique and this idea truly popped into my head whilst crocheting one day and I thought why not try it out?  I recently created and shot a video tutorial on how to create this photo frame to share it with whoever might be interested in this little experiment of mine. I am quite happy with how it came out and definitely have other routes to improve the idea even better! The photo is a shot I captured on my film camera, in which I drew on! Oh and I do plan on creating more video tutorials, crochet patterns found here on my Youtube: Dream In Vintage Channel. Look for more soon!
 Here are a few links to create yarn pom poms:
>>Using the fork technique.
>> Using your hands, (this is the technique I followed!)
>> Using the cardboard donuts technique.
 Thank you for watching! Let me know if you tried the tutorial or you might have an interesting method on how you created it the frame! Thank you again truly.


  1. I dig it. :D Very creative. I've seen you make pompoms before and I never thought of it being used like this.

    Good Work.