Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What I Wore + Crochet Project Update.

Hello there! It's the middle of the week  and I am truly wishing it was the weekend already, but alas, it'll be here soon enough! Today I wore one of my favorite blazers, it's donned in flowers and I have had it for over four years now. It actually had shoulder pads in them, but I cut them out, but I really wasn't feeling the 80's look on me! The dress is from Rue 21, which I purchased for only $8! What a find, I know for a fact that I can always walk into that store and find an item that I will truly fall for and priced so reasonably too! Overall, the week has had its' little currents, but hey, that's life, just gonna ride the waves! Hope your week is going along swimmingly! ;)
blazer>> heritage 1981/forever 21
dress>> rue 21
belt>> forever 21
wedges>> calvin klein (I've worn them to death this summer! So comfy!)
necklace>> kohls/lc by lauren conrad
bag>> target
pins>> aquaman/bedrock comic book store+ stars pin/ anime matsuri convention
tulle hair piece>> icings


Crochet Update! Onto the side of Crochet, I finished my crocheted cape, but it's been raining for a few days and I haven't had the opportunity to snap a proper shot of it. Though it will be blogged about before the end of the week! Plus, I finally shot a video for my Dream In Vintage Vlog and it's a DIY featuring Pom Poms, can't wait to edit it and get it up! I have started another project, of course it's geared towards the Fall times, it's entirely an experimental project with no pattern, so perhaps I'll share it as well!

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