Saturday, August 31, 2013

HandMade: The Golden Crocheted Cape.

Hello there! I have finally slowed time down so that I could capture some shots of this cape I had made and wrote about it (What's On My Hook!) Third time is entirely the charm and I created this cape,very inspired by my (Inspiration List) and I am quite elated of how it came out! Since there was no pattern, it was an experimental process that truly tested my patience, but I made it through and when I make another one, I know which roads I will travel to make an even better piece. I fought the color, at first I selected a lavender color, but subsequently, decided on this golden canary color because I felt as if it was more fitting with the upcoming Autumn season. Though I kind of wish I added pockets to it, I know I can crochet up another version with that addition! Overall, it was a testing project, quite a bit really, but I did it and that makes me quite one little happy gal!

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