Tuesday, August 20, 2013

HandMade: The Chevron Crocheted Drawstring Bag.

Hello there! I've been aching to try out the chevron technique for quite awhile, but have yet to set myself down to learn how to do as so. Now I have finally applied it to a project and I must say, I am very elated on how it turned out! Using cream and grey yarn acrylic yarn to create this item and a H/8-5.00 MM, this was a fun experiment bag made up of my own pattern. Which I might make a DIY tutorial for this bag, if anyone is truly interested! Also, for the bag handle, I crocheted and braided it for a unique touch.


  1. Quick question. What do you do that you have all this time to crochet all these wonderful things?!

    1. Lol thanks! I work Full Time as a Videographer/Editor for a Video/Photo Company. I plan one (my off day) to shoot/write everything to share these projects that I love to make!