Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Inspiration: Crocheting and The World Of Knitting.

Hello there! When I am just browsing about, being inspired and all by lovely crochet items, I tend to look upon the "other side", (so to speak/write) to the world of knitting for a bit of inspiration. Now I have never attempted knitting before, though I would love to try one day, but I love glancing at the items and have them influence novel ideas for crochet projects. There are tons of techniques crochet wise, to emulate the look of knit and I find that to be quite fascinating and something I would love to strive towards creating, especially for the Fall/Winter seasons. I picked up The Best Of Interweave Crochet and it is chocked full of techniques to assist in setting your crochet projects to appear like knitted wear which is pretty educational! Here are a few knitted items that have caught my hook, which I relate some crochet stitches that might be similar to the technique!
Great site for diverse crochet stitches.
The color of this cardigan is very pleasing to the eye, I could see it set together with grey tones to phase it into the Fall! I can entirely see this cardigan being an inspiration on the crochet side, there are a few techniques like an open stitch like Filet Crochet Lacet or a Lacy Interrupted V Stitch that would suit it perfectly. >>found here.
What caught my eye was the colors involved in this sweater, reworking it into crochet, multiple techniques could be utilized in order to create its' own effect! >>found here.
I actually just purchased this shade of lavender, planning in a few projects time to start a crochet sweater and this item is definitely pushing me to want to create it now! A crochet technique utilizing the faux cable stitch (a tunisian stitch or using a front post triple crochet cross stitch) would be perfect for this project! >>found here.
Love love this hot pink sweater, it is already on my to make list. I believe a basic crochet stitch, such as a HDC (half double crochet) or SC (single crochet) would fit this technique that was created by knitting. >>found here.

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