Tuesday, September 24, 2013

DIY: 3 Ways! How To Make A Crochet Braided Headband.

Hello there! Here is a fun pattern for creating a crochet braided headband. Wanting to show different ways to create them,  I have fashioned up 3 headband methods that you can make. You can wear these headbands with all types of hair styles and you can even mix match the yarn to add an eclectic flair to it!
The Ingredients: (I used)  
>>Yarn of your choice
>>H/8-5.00MM Hook  
>>Yarn Sewing Needle  
>>Crochet technique (SC=single crochet & HDC= half double crochet)
The Single Braided Headband:
You will want to measure the radius around your head and chain according to the length necessary. Ensure that it fits one or two chains loose, just in case it is too snug.
You will want to create 3 of these long chains. I chained about 83. Knot the chain & cut.
With the sewing needle and a bit of yarn, thread the yarn in the needle and from the top of the chain, thread through the first chain of all three to connect them. Knot the thread, connecting them and cut.
Next, you will braid all three of the long chains together.
Once it is braided, you will thread your sewing needle with yarn and connect all three long chains, closing the braid. Knot the thread, connecting them and cut.
You will connect the braid from the top to the bottom, sewing it together. Knot the thread, connecting them and cut. With yarn, wrap around the sewn part, to make it look neat and you're finished!
The Double Braided Headband:
You will want to follow the same methods in creating this headband, from the previous tutorial.
Though you will be creating it twice for this tutorial.
Once you have completed both of the braids you will want to connect them.
With both of the headbands, you will hold the back of the headbands, thread them together and wrap extra yarn around both of the headbands together. (like the photo on the right, above) Sew the wrapped yarn together and cut. You are done!
The Chunky Braided Headband:
You will create the chain as previous, though you wiill HDC (half double crochet) for two rows only.
Exp: Ch 83
Row 1: HDC in all CH turn
Row 2: HDC in all,, knot and cut.
You will create three of these chains for the braid.
Connecting the braids, using a sewing needle and yarn. (like photo below on the left)
Braid the chains and once again sew the end together (like the photo on the right above.)
Connect both of the ends together, cut half an inch of yarn to wrap the ends with yarn, sew and cut, like the previous patterns.

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  1. These are just lovely. Thank you for the tutorial!