Monday, September 23, 2013

Inspiraton: The Welcoming.

Hello to you out there, hope you are doing quite well and had a lovely weekend. With Fall being just one day old, I must say, the inspiration for me personally, to create has blossomed as if it was the first day of Spring. Oh so elated that these ideas are truly sprouting about and the passion to create, brings me such tranquility and excitement all at once. It's a wonderful feeling! The idea of creating items I have never challenged myself to make, like chunky sweaters, granny cardigans (coming soon!) and even crocheted jackets! I find to be honest, that it is sincerely vital in life,  to do things that make You happy and have something that develops You as a person daily. With 
this being said, I am excited to share some of the projects I will and have created so far. Also, I wish you such inspiration as well, to create whatever it may be!
 Oh and this little crochet floral headband I made on a whim, they were extra ones left over from my sheepish bloom drop bouquet and I thought it would be fun to make! 


  1. I love love this. Where on earth are you taking these pictures?!


    1. Thanks dear! The same park near my place, pass it everyday to work, so now I just make time to shoot there!