Monday, October 21, 2013

October Monthly Yarn Haul.

Hello there, hope you had a lovely weekend! I wanted to show some of the wonderful pieces of yarn I purchased from a few stores I visited this month. Seeing as the holidays are swiftly approaching, some of these purchases are for other some personal and some for my shoppe!  The majority of the finds are from Michaels, which I used coupons for, the 40% discount goes a long way. I also purchased some from Wal-mart and even the 99 cent store which entirely caught me off guard! Didn't make it Hobby Lobby yet, but I'm a fan of I Love This Yarn, but hopefully soon I will.  This year, I am entirely branching out into different brands of yarns, attempting to find what else is out there in terms of quality and wear ability. So here are a few of my finds for this month!
Caron One Pound// Colors: Claret 0562/White 0501/Country Rose 0535
I purchased about 3 of these bundles, one by accident truly! Meaning to finish up a project (which you will see this week) mistakenly I picked up the wrong color, truly believing I would remember the exact name and color. I was wrong, so now I have an extra pound which will have to wait to be used until I have a project for it! I am a huge fan of this brand, especially for my more grappling projects that call for all of the yarn in the entire world.
Loops & Threads Charisma// Colors:  Dark Purple/Charcoal/Taupe/Off White
This yarn is perfect for scarves! Honestly, I wanted to grab all of the colors, run to the checkout line and not even think twice. Though in the real world, there was a great sale at Michael's for Charisma, so I picked the familiar few, that I seem to gravitate to. 
Vanna's Choice Lion Brand// Colors: Grey Marble/Mustard/Olive/Dusty Green/Taupe/Charcoal Grey
For the crochet hats, I am currently selling in my shoppe, these are some of the colors that I am utilizing for the orders. All of the colors, to be honest, are insanely perfect for the Autumn season as well as the upcoming Winter season. I love the feel of this yarn and it is quite a growing favorite of mine this year.
Red Heart Super Saver// Color:  Big Bundle Aran/Warm Brown
The Aran shade is for a current project I am working on, I'll go into depths with its this following week with What's on my hook? As well as the Warm Brown shade, it primarily for a DIY tutorial post which will be up tomorrow!
Bernat Baby Sport// Baby Taupe
This color of taupe caught my eye, despite it being specified baby yarn, I had been looking for this shade for quite awhile with no such luck. It was the last bundle at the store and I thought, I'd better pick it up now or I will entirely regret trying to find this again. I must say it's super soft and a handful of projects can come from just this bundle which is about 300 g/10.5 oz. I'm excited to think of more ideas!
Loops & Thread Impeccable// Aran
Bought this yarn for a great deal and for a specific project in mind. Wishing I picked up my colors though, ah maybe next time. On another note, for some reason I am currently in an all Aran mood regarding my yarn!
Caron Simply Soft// Colors: Grey Heather
This was an on purpose double purchase, had bought one of them a week or so apart and there was a major sale, once again! So I wanted to pick up another one for a future project with this specific shade and brand. I am quite a fan of Caron and I know exactly what kind of project I will put it on hold for. Perhaps a shawl or a lacy scarf!
Unknown Brand// Unknown Color
Found this yarn in a clearance bin, marked for $2.99, not 100% what brand it came from, but will definitely make for a nice slouchy hat or some winter boot cuffs. Besides the price, the shade of the yarn is favorite part of it all.
My surprise find, happened to find a handful of yarn and I could not help myself, so I had to try it out. I mean it was only a dollar each so I could use it for some random trial projects! Knitting Yarn was the title of this brand that I found and it had a kitten on the label as well. Should be interesting to experiment with!
Those were just a few of my finds this month though now I must ask, What are your favorite brands? and What have you picked up lately?


  1. I went on a yarn haul myself today! It was more random and just me picking out colours that I thought were pretty and ones that felt soft. I went to Michael's (unfortunately I didn't know about their coupon). I found metallic thread by Patons that I'm pretty excited about. I don't have any favorite brands yet. What would be your top three?

    1. Awesome, yarn hauls are the best! Well, I use an app called Retail me not, that alerts me for different coupons and Michael's is the top used coupon spot for me. I was actually looking at metallic thread by Patons as well for a future DIY project, how is it? My top brands, as of now, are Vanna's Choice, Loops & Thread Charisma and the third is kind of open for right now!