Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Tutorial. Crochet Bow Wrist Cuffs.

Hello there and Happy Tuesday to you!  So the the chunky boot cuffs diy from last week that I made, entirely influenced this week's wrist cuffs, but with a cute little twist. With an added bow and an addition of a trim at the top of the cuffs, I thought this would be a lovely addition in the accessory department for the upcoming colder seasons! Please feel free to modify it any kind of way you please, this is just a how I made these boot cuffs. Oh, and let me know if any clarification is needed! If you try it out, please share! :)
The Ingredients: (I used)      
>>Yarn: Aran & Warm Brown (Red Heart Super Saver)
>>The hook:  H/8- 5.00 MM
>>Tools: Scissors / Yarn Sewing Needle   

>>Crochet technique with abbreviations:
(Chain=[CH]/Half Double Crochet= [HDC]/Single Crochet= [SC] Slip Stitch= [SS/]/Stitches and Stitch [STS] & [ST]
>> Skill Type: Beginner/Intermediate
First, I chained about 28 (depending on your wrist size you might want to modify.
Chain one, then you will want to HDC in all of the STS.
After you have HDC in all of the STS, you will CH 1 and continue this method for 14 rows.
This is what your progress will look like!
Next, Row 15, You will HDC only for 5 STS for the start of the row.
To begin the thumb hole, you will CH 5.
After CH 5, skip 5 STS and SS into the next ST.
After the slip stitch, you will continue for 4 more rows with the HDC. 
Next, for the trim. You will CH 4 skip 1 ST and SS into the next ST. (The one after the skipped stitch.) Continue all around until complete, SS and cut.
For the bow:  CH 7
2nd Row: SC all of the STS
3-6 Row: SC all of the Rows until Row 6.
It will look like this!
You will cut a piece of yarn, not too long. (I didn't really estimate the length!)
Threading the yarn, into the sewing yarn needle, you will scrunch the center of the bow. (Like the photo above!)
After the bow is tied and scrunched, you will want to stitch it by sewing the bow to the wrist cuff. I sewed the middle of the bow to the front of the wrist cuff. (You will have to try the wrist cuff on, to find the exact position! :)) Now it is complete to start the tutorial over again to create the other half!

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