Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DIY: 3 Way Twisted Crochet Infinity Scarf.

Hello there and Happy Tuesday! Here is a  free pattern I made for this infinity scarf/snood/shrug item that can be worn multiple ways. It's a fairly easy pattern to follow and so much fun to wear. I loved the idea of creating an item that can be utilized and transformed depending on your mood. So I whipped this one up to share, please enjoy!
The Ingredients: 
>> 1 yarn selection (Homespun Yarn)
>> jumbo hook
>> crafting scissors

Crochet technique with abbreviations:

>>Half Double Crochet [HDC]

>>Slip Stitch= [SS]

>>Stitches and Stitch= [STS] & [ST]
The Pattern:
>>Start your chain by CH 81
>>Connect the last ST to the first ST
*The key to connect the first ST to the last ST, is ensuring that there will be a twist.
When you connect, make sure it is the opposite of the direction that your STS will be in.

>>*When you get towards the end, you will notice that it will begin to turn and you will have to flip it around so that there will be a twist.

>>You will continue this method of HDC in all of the STS. Until Row 9.
>>There will 10 Rows of HDC. 
At the end you will SS, weave the ends in and cut.
>>As A Shrug<<
>>As A Scarf<<
>>As A Snood<<

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