Thursday, November 21, 2013

HandMade: The All In A Row Crochet Bow Sweater.

Hello there & Happy Thursday!
Here is my complete project, from last week's, What's on my hook?  The sweater is complete and I think it fits the girly and feminine look I was aiming for. I knew the addition of the bows were to be applied somewhere on the sweater. Though it wasn't until the sweater was entirely complete, that the idea for having crocheted tiny little bows sewn around the neckline of the collar.
Even though, I battled the concern of the color, especially for the Autumn season, I felt a bit more comfortable when it was finished and I could see the final product. As well as how it would flow with the other items in my closet.Plus, it's always a bit fun to add a surprise color into the mix every now and then!

The crochet technique I used, was the  half double crochet and double crochet. I wanted the sweater to be a bit tight knit.

The Yarn I used: Teal (Caron One Pound)
The Hook I used: H/8-5.00 MM   
The Pattern I used: Experimental: My Own! 

Note: I will be sharing patterns for these items in the near future ;)

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  1. Cuti-rif-ic and looks great with the white hat!

  2. Beautiful job on the sweater! I love the color!

    - Anna