Tuesday, September 23, 2014

DIY: How To Crochet Easy Charm Bracelets.

Hello there! I've been wanting to create one of these little charm bracelets for awhile now and finally here they are! Actually, I was browsing around Michael's Craft Store as usual over the weekend,  I was looking through the jewelry section when these little bits of inspiration hit me.  Two of my favorite words that really hit me is Dream and Create. It is what I am all about and I am more than happy to share it!
Loops and Threads Woolike (Colors (Mauve & Sage))
2 Metal Connectors by ShortCuts
Crochet Hook B1-2.25MM
Yarn Sewing Needle and a Button (not shown)

SC=single crochet
HDC=half double crochet
SS=Slip Stitch
YO=Yarn Over
For the "Create Bracelet":
Using the Sage yarn.
Measure your wrist, for your own preferential size.
CH 38, Turn
HDC the entire first Row of the CH.
For the 2nd Row, YO, insert hook into the space underneath the stitch (photo on the right above)
YO, Pull through all 4.
You will continue this process through out the entire Row.
At the end of the Row, Tie off, cut, sew in the remaining yarn.
Next, You will insert the crochet piece through the metal connector.
With the button and the yarn sewing needle, you will thread it through and sew it to the end of the crochet piece.
For the Dream Bracelet:
You will CH 40 with the Mauve yarn. 
Connecting the last ST to the very ST.
You will SC the entire Row.
Connecting the last ST to the very ST, once again.
At the end of the Row, Tie off the remaining yarn.
Pulling the yarn through the metal connector hole, you will knot it around, along with the other side.

Keep creating and dreaming!
ashlee elle.

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