Thursday, September 18, 2014

HandMade: The Lavender Note Crochet Dress.

Picking this color with Fall in mind, wanting to step a bit away from the typical browns and greys (although I do love them dearly.) I wanted to branch out and utilize a different color that I could move and combine it into the Autumn days that are slowly approaching.

Purple is one of my favorite colors and let's just say, I have a handful of hues in the purple family. So when this lavender number hit my eye, I just knew a dress was to be created from it. I went back and forth whether or not I wanted to add sleeves to the dress, but I am such a layer fiend especially in the winter that I opted for sleeveless. The detachable bow, which is inspired by the bows I create on my Etsy, was just the little whimsical touch I felt this dress required. These dresses, are truly the most comfortable thing I have in my closet and it feels even more amazing, knowing that I had the opportunity to create such a thing! Creativity is such a wondrous creature and I am quite thankful to have even just a little bit of it!

Project Details:
The yarn I used was Red Heart (Lavender)
The hook I used was a G/6 4.25MM.
The Lavender Note Crochet Dress pattern is entirely experimental, made from my own pattern!
Planning to place the pattern for purchase on my Pattern Shoppe!
Keep being awesome!
ashlee elle.