Tuesday, October 20, 2015

DIY: How To Crochet A Scalloped Bow Headband // Free Crochet Pattern.

 Hello there! Having a touch of fantasy  as well as whimsy hit me and I wanted to create a super whimsical crochet accessory that you can easily create under 30 minutes!

Crochet Hook>> H/8 5.00MM  Craft Scissors   Yarn Sewing Needle
  Yarn used>>Half a Skein [Lion Brand Yarn] Medium 4

  Stitch guide:    HDC= half double crochet// SC=single crochet// DC=double crochet// SS= slip stitch //ST(S)= stitch(es)// CH= chain RND[number]= Round

CH 15

R1-R8: HDC into all of the STS for All of the Rows, turn work after completed row. After final row, SS to complete work.
Begin the scalloped trim around the completed piece.
R1: SC into the first ST, [two times] SS into the following ST, CH 1, and *into the following SC [two times into the next ST, SS into the following ST, CH 1...[*Repeat method until the very beginning of the Row, SS to complete work.]

 Next, scrunch the middle section of the bow, to wrap around yarn strands, tie the strands around the middle and tie, knot the strand.
Next, you will want to measure the circumference of your head and chain accordingly.
CH 65
Connect the first ST to the very last ST.
R1: HDC into all of the STS for the entire Row,  after final row, SS to complete work.
To connect and secure the bow to the headband, you will sew, [using a strand of yarn] the back of the bow to the headband.

ashlee elle.

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