Tuesday, March 29, 2016

DIY // Spring Skinny Fringe Crochet Scarf // Free Crochet Pattern!

Hello there! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I wanted to share a free crochet pattern
for this Spring skinny fringe scarf, that is incredibly easy to make and way more fun to wear! 

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Crochet Hook>> H/8 5.00MM  Craft Scissors   Yarn Sewing Needle
Yarn used>>1 Skein// Sugar N' Cream Yarn] Medium 4 // Less than 120 yards
Stitch guide:    HDC= half double crochet// SC=single crochet// DC=double crochet// SS= slip stitch //ST(S)= stitch(es)// CH= chain R[number]= Row
CH 131
R1: CH 2, HDC into every ST, for the entire row, after completing the Row, turn work and CH 2.
R2-4: CH 2, HDC into the first 2 STS, CH 4, Skip 4 STS, for the following 2 STS, HDC into the two STS, CH 4 and Skip 4 STS...[Repeat this alternating method until the end of each Row] after completing the Rows, turn work and CH 2.
R5: CH 2, HDC into every ST, for the entire row, after completing the Row, SS to complete final work!
Next, Insert your hook unto BOTH of the horizontal sides of the scarf. HDC into the first ST, CH 1, HDC into the following ST, CH 1 and HDC into the next. Only complete this technique once, with SS to complete work.

Cut about 2-3 inches of 12 strands [two strands for each skipped ST] yarn to wrap into the skipped STS to create the fringe technique.
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