Friday, November 7, 2014

My Mountain// Twisted Yarns Shop Contest Hat.

Recently, I had the marvelous opportunity to create a hat for a local yarn shop, (that I wrote HERE about!) I used a previous pattern from this hat Here and gave it a little twist so to speak. ;) It is for a store contest that the lovely Twisted Yarns are contributing to, I came up with this design utilizing the ridiculously rad yarn from My Mountain//Lumio

The hat made it to the semi-finalist round and is now available for voting which you can do HERE
or  HERE !
One vote per day, per person until the 23rd of November!!
Received a very sweet thank you note from the shop!
 Soon Twisted Yarns will be offering the new free pattern in their shop with a purchase of this yarn. I'm quite elated with this opportunity and absolutely love the chance to create! They were incredibly sweet and I truly hope the store wins, they deserve it!

The very beginning!
Many Thanks!
ashlee elle.

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